SSEN-T System Performance Support

The HVDC Centre is working with SSEN Transmission’s System Performance team to undertake several inter-related activities in support of SSEN-T network development. The main goals of the work are to develop real-time AC system models of the GB network regions of interest to support the numerous upcoming HVDC projects connecting in the north of Scotland and to other parts of GB. The modelling of large network areas to support coordinated testing of multiple HVDC links is a big challenge and we expect the work we do in GB will attract international interest.

Beyond this the Centre will provide HVDC technical expert support to SSEN-T’s ‘Pathway to 2030’ as well as support ASTI project delivery. Specific focus will be given to using learning from other projects on interoperability and AC system interactions using techniques developed at the Centre.

During the work the team expects to explore the current similarities and gaps between offline and real-time EMT simulation packages comparing studies in PSCAD and RSCAD, respectively. This will aid future work in the development of large scale AC system models in the real-time environment.