Performance Analysis of Energy Islands with Multiple Interconnections

An Energy Island is a hub for electricity generation from renewable energy resources that can be an artificial island at sea or in remote areas. In this project, the HVDC Centre has been commissioned by National Grid Ventures to investigate various operational and commissioning scenarios for a future possible Energy Island, aiming to identify essential considerations and specifications. This project is an extension of the prior Multi-Purpose Interconnector (MPI) project. The previous project detailed real-time MPI model, along with its associated control and protection functions, will be extended and enhanced to mitigate risks in multi-terminal HVDC projects. A wide range of simulation scenarios will be conducted to identify and understand the technical challenges associated with an Energy Island. 

The project is set to be completed by April 2025. 

Image Source: CIP launches new company dedicated to developing energy island projects globally | REVE News of the wind sector in Spain and in the world (