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Introduction to HVDC and Project De-risking

Our Introduction to HVDC and Project De-risking training  is a one day course offering training for individuals and organisations seeking to understand the basic principles of HVDC. During this training course, participants will learn about the typical project lifecycle, delivery challenges and simulation and testing processes for HVDC. With experienced engineers and practical examples, our course equips learners with the knowledge and skills necessary for the HVDC workplace. This course is intended for engineers, researchers, operators, and maintenance personnel who work or are planning to work on HVDC projects and would like to gain a deeper understanding of the technology.

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Introduction to RTDS

This course introduces the RTDS® hardware and RSCAD® software. The aim is to enable you to perform real-time network simulation studies using RSCAD® and RTDS®. This course comprises three days of training.

By the end of the course delegates will have: 

  • A clear understanding of setting-up and configuring RTDS® hardware 
  • Understanding of the capabilities of the simulator 
  • Knowledge of the RSCAD® software with the ability to run real-time simulations and understand their outputs 

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