Why Replicas?

Replicas de-risk deployment and operation of HVDC schemes, significantly reducing asset downtime.

“Replica panels” for an HVDC project are duplicates of the physical control system for the Converter Stations.

Real-time simulation with replicas offers benefits, prior to commissioning, by exposing and finding solutions for network integration and compliance issues.

Once a HVDC project is live, replicas allow for upgrades and performance against evolving network conditions to be tested and proven, providing opportunities for operator training and facilitating fault investigation to allow a return to service. The overall benefit is to minimise costly potential down-time of HVDC installations.  Project delivery is de-risked and there is greater in-house expertise and familiarity with the assets prior to operation.

Our replica services include:

We provide support in specifying and procuring replicas for your project. We can also host your replica projects long term in the Centre, enabling you to use the replicas to de-risk your project.

Speak to our replica team to find out how we can help de-risk your project using replicas.