Our Centre

The National HVDC Centre is part of Scottish & Southern Electricity Networks and is funded through Ofgem’s 2013 Electricity Network Innovation Competition (NIC) as the Multi-Terminal Test Environment (MTTE) Project.

We offer:

  • Expertise in HVDC modelling
  • Real-time simulation capability
  • Replica HVDC Converter Controls
  • The experience and expertise of a Transmission Owner

Opened in April 2017, the Centre was originally conceived as part of the Caithness-Moray (CM) HVDC link to manage the planned multi-terminal multi-vendor extensions to the project.

It was decided to submit the concept as an innovation project in 2013, funded through Ofgem’s Network Innovation competition (NIC), and a funding application was submitted. The application was successful and the project was taken forward as the MTTE (Multi-Terminal Test Environment) Project, which today offers a full simulation and training facility available to support all HVDC schemes connecting to the GB Grid.

“The United Kingdom is going to become one of the world’s centres of HVDC. Ideally, these centres will all work perfectly well together, but this is not the case in an ideal world. We need some way to study this, some way to analyse it and a way to protect us against the future; and the National HVDC centre is the ideal venue for this. It has experimental facilities that can help anticipate and mitigate the problems of the future. The National HVDC Centre is one of the most important assets we have in this country in the field of power transmission”.  

                             Norman McLeod, Technical Director of HVDC, WSP.