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Current Projects

The Centre is currently delivering the following:

Completed Projects

Previously completed projects:

  • PROMOTioN (WP9 lead): Demonstration of DC grid protection
  • ESO Stability Pathfinder: The HVDC Centre investigates the impact of declining system strength on the stability of HVDC links
  • Maximising HVDC for Black Start: The HVDC Centre leads the improvement of Great Britain’s Black Start capabilities using HVDC.
  • North Sea Link Protection Coordination Testing: The HVDC Centre supports the protection co-ordination testing for the new HVDC North Sea Link interconnector to ensure the security and resilience of the GB electricity network.
  • Caithness–Moray HVDC Scheme during Delivery (CM): The HVDC Centre was able to help address technical challenges and assure the delivery of the project using Replicas of the control panels to test the operation of the system under a range of conditions, with a detailed representation of the AC network.
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