Offshore Co-ordination

As we transition towards a Net Zero electricity system, 83-88GW network connected wind, together with 27GW interconnectors are required, which can only be achieved efficiently through co-ordination across multiple connections.

Our work for the Electricity System Operator (as part of a consortium with DNV) illustrates the opportunity to:

  • Reduce impacts to coastal communities by reducing assets by >50%; and
  • Reduce costs by c£6bn across the period to 2050.

To co-ordinate, multiple projects share higher capacity infrastructure.

Coordinated solutions will be:

  1. Build in stages, by different vendors;
  2. Subject to over-arching control schemes;
  3. Capable of providing the onshore system with services and network stability; and
  4. Provide capacity and secure connection to each wind farm.

Key Outputs 

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