Coordinated Offshore Functional Designs

The aim of this project is to provide an environment to support the ESO, manufacturers, developers and transmission owners develop and test coordinated solutions for offshore wind.  This will provide a foundation of power system models and insights across the range of co-ordination approaches that can inform whilst supporting vendor and developer work and onshore network development activities.

The objective of the functional design activity is to develop generic models of key components required for offshore network system studies and demonstrate their technical performance across a range of use cases, in order to identify how to maximise the benefit and enable the implementation of integrated offshore network solutions, their components and overarching controls and services.

The generic models to be developed will form a ‘toolbox’ which will enable:
Transmission Owners To test the technical performance of illustrative offshore network designs on onshore networks;
Project Developers/ Transmission Owners To investigate technical feasibility and operability of shared transmission solution for offshore electricity connections;
Equipment Manufacturers To verify performance of confidential ‘black-box’ models within offshore network designs comprising equipment from another supplier; and
Electricity System Operator To assess potential interaction risks and ancillary service capability of integrated offshore and onshore network solutions.

The developed models will deliver a useful platform for a variety of real time studies to be carried out with reasonable accuracy suitable for real-time implementation.