SCADA System Implementation

This project is to include GE PowerOn, as used in the Control Room, into the simulator setup at the National HVDC Centre. It has required us to install further computer hardware to run a local instance of the software and interface with the Real Time Digital Simulator (RTDS) and the Caithness-Moray (CM) replica control panels. The replica control panels would also require to have this functionality added requiring the supplier to install additional hardware and reconfigure the existing set-up.

For operation of the Transmission network, the Control Room engineers use a software package called PowerOn which allows them to see network information and control various items of plant using a SCADA system. This is not currently included in our replica setup. As part of the optimisation exercise when specifying the study replicas, the SCADA interface was dropped as it is not required to run system integration tests however by adding it back in it would enhance the training that we can provide for the operators by being able to provide them with the interface to the link that they will normally use. This means that we can give them the equivalent to a full ‘flight simulator’.

Further to this, the hardware as installed would enable us to build up control of a much wider area of the AC network, this gives rise to opportunities for the Control room to use the Centre for a wider range of training and possibly even engineer testing in the long run, removing the reliance on external companies