• Innovation Programme


The HVDC Centre supports HVDC innovation activities.


The following projects have been selected as part of our 2020 innovation programme due to kick off in April 2020:
  • Protection Performance Overview and Validation in Low Strength Areas (with Manitoba Hydro International); Click here for summary
  • Adaptive Damping of Power Oscillations using HVDC (with EPRI); Click here for summary and
  • Evaluation of HVDC with Synchronous Condenser impact on AC Protection (with the University of Strathclyde). Click here for summary.
Other innovation projects funded by the Centre in 2020 are:

Completed (2020)

As part of our 2019 innovation programme, the following projects were recently completed:
  • Coordination of AC network protection during HVDC energisation (with EPRI); Click here for details. (2019-2020)
  • Stability assessment and mitigation converter interactions (with the University of Strathclyde); Click here for details and (2019-2020)
  • Improving Grid Code for HVDC schemes (with Cardiff University); Click here for details. (2019-2020)
Please refer to our events page for the associated dissemination activity.

Completed (up to 2019)

Previously we have completed the following innovation projects:
Click here for a summary of other HVDC-related Network Innovation Allowance Projects.
Please contact us (or email: info@hvdccentre.com) if you would like any further information.