• Innovation Programme


The HVDC Centre supports HVDC innovation activities.


Currently, we are inviting proposals for our 2020 innovation programme, in 3 main areas:
  • Investigation of Power Oscillation Damping Controls;
  • Complementing HVDC with  synchronous condensers/ ancillary equipment; and
  • Assessment of AC protection performance with HVDC.
Call for proposals closes on 24 January 2020 – click here for further information.


As part of our 2019 innovation programme, the following projects will be completed by March 2020:
Please refer to our events page for the associated dissemination activity.


Previously we have completed the following innovation projects:
Click here for a summary of other HVDC-related Network Innovation Allowance Projects.
Please contact us (or email: info@hvdccentre.com) if you would like any further information.