Design of DC/DC Converter


Project Background

The main objective of this project is designing of a high power Modular Multi-level Converter (MMC) bridge working at medium frequency (0.2-1kHz) and verifying the design results using an appropriate MMC bridge model in PSCAD.

A 1000MVA, ±320kV, medium frequency MMC is studied and designed in this project. The MMC is intended to be used in high power DC-DC converters and DC hubs. These parameters analyzed include:

  • Sub-module type (Half-bridge or Full-bridge);
  • Number of Phases;
  • IGBT switches;
  • Processing resources;
  • Modulation technique;
  • Arm inductance and capacitance;
  • Voltage balancing algorithms;
  • Number of levels; and
  • Operating frequency.

Key Outputs

To access the full technical report, please click here.