INSIGHT (Innovative Network Status Intelligence Gathered by Holistic use of Telemetry and Simulation) is an innovation project funded by OFGEM’s Strategic Innovation Fund (SIF). INSIGHT aims to deliver a virtual, real-time alert and control system that can monitor and mitigate different types of oscillation events experienced on the networks. It will combine experience and learnings from past events with new modelling and simulation techniques to better understand the nature of these new oscillations; how to predict them and how to address them in network design and operation for future events.

The first phase of the project (Discovery) will develop a comprehensive understanding of the problem and the current best practice from across the world. It will also investigate the models/tools that could be used to simulate network oscillation patterns, assessing their suitability, and developing a list of the key datasets that would be required for a new model/tool.

The project is a collaboration between SSEN Transmission (the lead project partner), the University of Strathclyde, and National Grid Electricity System Operator (NGESO). The National HVDC Centre is working on the project as part of SSEN Transmission and is leading one of the four work packages to be delivered in the discovery phase.

SSEN Transmission’s press release introducing the project is available here:

SSEN Transmission welcomes green light for ground-breaking net zero innovation projects (

For further information please refer to the Energy Networks Association’s (ENA) Smarter Networks Portal as follows:

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