COMPOSITE Testing of HVDC-connected Offshore Wind Farms

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Executive Summary

Offshore transmission solutions will need to increase significantly in GB to meet the government targets for achieving up to 40GW installed offshore wind capacity by 2030. Transmission connections to offshore wind generation typically consist of multiple technologies supplied by different manufacturers with each tested at the factory, but there is no composite modelling and testing capability currently available in GB, for complex designs and combined solutions.

The National HVDC Centre has been requested to support follow on work between National Grid Electricity System Operator and SHE Transmission, with an activity focusing on composite testing of HVDC-connected offshore generation. The National HVDC Centre and RTE International, have a unique international experience of undertaking HVDC de-risking studies involving replica control and protection equipment supplied by different manufacturers in Europe.

Therefore, RTEi in collaboration with the HVDC Centre performed analytical studies as part of this activity. Based on the RTEI and HVDC Centre experience, recommendations will be provided for EMT studies at each project stages and list of dynamic studies that should be performed. The project will also illustrate EMT phenomena and HVDC system performances for each project phases. Finally, the project will provide a methodology to conduct EMT studies over the lifetime of a project.

Key Outputs [Please click links below to access technical reports]