Stability Assessment and Mitigation of Converter Interactions (Phase I)

A key research outcome of ‘’Stability Assessment and Mitigation of Converter Interactions (Phase I)’’ project with the University of Strathclyde

The article discuss the details about the innovative analytical methods for small-signal impedance model of modular multilevel converters (MMCs) using harmonic state-space (HSS) method and is studied the stability assessment of single and multiple converters that University of Strathclyde has developed. In this impedance model, the multi-infeed interaction factor (MIIF) measure is adopted to analyse the most significant interactions for multi-infeed converter systems. The effect of different control modes on converter impedance and system stability are considered. The analytical studies and time-domain simulation results are provided to validate the proposed concept and gained further confidence of the obtained impedance models using both methods. This work provides solid foundation for further studies to identify states where risk of instability may exist in a multi-infeed converter system, so as to help and inform operating away from those network or avoid certain converter operating states.

This paper has been accepted in the prestigious IEEE Journal.

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