RTDS Webinar (16 & 24 April 2020)

RTDS Webinar (16 & 24 April 2020): Presentation, Videos of Presenters and Q&As.

As part of the HVDC Centre’s webinar programme, sessions were held on 16 & 24 April 2020 on the ‘Practical Use of Real Time ​Simulation for De-risking HVDC Integration’ webinar, co-hosted with RTDS Technologies.


A pdf version of the slide deck can be found here (below are video clips of Bharath, Kati and Habibur presenting the presentation).

Part 1 is presented by: Bharath Ponnalagan


Part 2 is presented by: Kati Sidwall, RTDS Technologies

Part 3 is presented by: Md Habibur Rahman


Details of the questions and answers during the webinar can be found here: