COMPOSITE Webcast (11 March 2021)

COMPOSITE Webcast (11 March 2021): Presentation, Videos of Presenters and Q&As.

As part of the HVDC Centre’s webcast programme, a session was held on 11 March 2021 on the ‘COMPOSITE testing of HVDC connected offshore wind farms’ webinar, co-hosted with RTE International and attended by over 230 participants.


A pdf version of the slide deck can be found here:

Webcast Slides 11th March 2021


Below are video clips of technical insights at the session

Part 1 is presented by: Oluwole Daniel Adeuyi

Part 2 is presented by: Benjamin Marshall

Part 3 is panel discussion with Q&A presented by: Cornel Brozio, SPEN; Razvan Pabat-Stroe, SPR; Hani Saad, RTEI; Markus Vor Dem Berge, RTEI; Benjamin Marshall, HVDC Centre and chaired by Daniel Adeuyi; HVDC Centre.


Details of the questions and answers during the webinar can be found here:

Briefing Note on Composite Webcast Q&As.