• The UK’s only simulation and training facility designed to support all HVDC schemes.

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  • HVDC Centre leads the improvement of GB's Black Start Capabilities using HVDC

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  • De-risk deployment of HVDC schemes by reducing asset downtime.

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An Ofgem funded state-of-the-art simulation and training facility established to support all HVDC schemes connecting to the GB grid.

The Centre works with Transmission Operators, System Operators, Offshore Transmission Operators, Interconnector projects and Manufacturers to de-risk projects and ensure the integrity and security of the grid network.


From procurement support through to ‘Support Hosting’ of Replicas


General HVDC training for project teams, through to detailed training of Operational Engineers, using practical experience and simulated scenarios

Grid integration and interactions

De-risking control interactions between convertors, and with other active controlled equipment, through real-time simulation studies

Operational support

Diagnosing and resolving operational issues, undertaking post-commissioning scenario planning and testing system changes

“The National HVDC Centre has been instrumental in testing network integration and highlighting compliance issues for the Caithness-Moray project, mitigating the risk for the project going forward. The Centre is an excellent service for the whole network integrating HVDC schemes into the GB Grid”. 

Matthew Seed, Head of Engineering and Investment, SHE Transmission