Stability assessment and mitigation HVDC converter interactions

Project Summary

The rapid growth in the amount of converter-interfaced renewable sources and HVDC transmission links is significantly changing the characteristics of the GB grid. The wide timescale control dynamics of converters located in close vicinities can result in coupled effects among the converters and power networks, and can lead to oscillations across a wide frequency range. Accurate assessment of potential system interactions is critical for ensuring stable operation of future and evolving GB network.

This project will develop frequency domain models of HVDC converters and representative network considering future HVDC deployment in the GB network for stability analysis. Time-domain RTDS simulation will be used to validate the theoretical analysis and assessment.

Remedial converter control actions that aim to mitigate instability and resonance will be investigated. Recommendations for specifications of converter models and advice to specific HVDC projects on stability will be proposed.


Key Outputs [Please click links below to access technical reports]