Project Team Training

The HVDC Centre delivered training courses covering HVDC fundamentals, components and real-time simulation, followed by hands-on sessions where the attendees interacted the HVDC scheme in a simulated environment to build their understanding.

Control Room Training

The Centre enabled the control room team to train and practice the operation of the Caithness-Moray link, which aided their understanding of HVDC control systems and ensured a smoother and safer adoption of the scheme.

Introduction to HVDC Training

The HVDC Centre delivers one-day courses that provide a detailed Introduction to HVDC Technology. Our HVDC expert team provide insights into HVDC convertor technology, RTDS and replicas and benefits of selecting a HVDC transmission system over AC transmission.

The courses aim to cover the following learnings:

  • Introduction to HVDC.
  • Overview of different HVDC technologies and HVDC topologies.
  • Applications of HVDC Technology.
  • Basis Components of HVDC Stations.
  • Basic Introduction to Controls and protection of HVDC Station.
  • Basic Example of a real HVDC Scheme.
  • Tour and overview of the National HVDC Centre Facility.

For more information click here or see our events page for upcoming courses. 

Introduction to RTDS Training

The HVDC Centre runs RTDS training courses which introduces attendees to the RTDS hardware and RSCAD software to enable them to perform real-time network simulation studies.

The course covers:

  • Overview of the principles of the RTDS Simulator and an introduction to the electromagnetic transients algorithm used.
  • Introduction to the RSCAD software suite and its modules.
  • Building and running a number of power system simulation cases demonstrating the capabilities (and limitations) of the RTDS Simulator.
  • Use of various I/O cards – GTAO, GTAI, GTDO, GTDI and GTFPI.
  • Introduction to developing an interface between external HVDC replica controls and the RTDS Simulator for closed-loop testing.

The course costs £300 per person, over three days.

For more information click here. Our next course is on the 5 – 7th November, and you can register here.