Our Projects-draft

Current Projects

The Centre is currently delivering the following:

  • Eastern Link: Providing technical support to the Eastern link project team.
  • HVDC Support: for Electricity System Black-Start and Restoration
  • Multi-Vendor Implications for Shetland: Impact of a developing a multi-vendor multi-terminal system
  • Shetland Fault-Level/Modelling: Modelling the Shetland Network, with the impact of an HVDC connection.
  • SCADA System Implementation: Deploying a replica of the SCADA interface to aid training.
  • Coordination of AC network protection during grid energisation from HVDC schemes (with EPRI)
  • Stability assessment and mitigation of HVDC converter interactions (with the University of Strathclyde)
  • Improving Grid Code Compliance of existing and upcoming HVDC Schemes in GB (with Cardiff University)
  • PROMOTioN (WP9 lead): Demonstration of DC grid protection

Completed Projects

Previously completed projects:

The Caithness–Moray HVDC scheme (CM), was commissioned in 2018, enabling wind generators in Caithness to connect to the rest of the UK grid, bringing the abundant wind resource in the north of Scotland to the rest of GB. Converter stations are located at Spittal (800MW capacity) and Blackhillock (1200MW capacity). The scheme has been designed to extend to up to 5 terminals, making it Europe’s first multi-terminal HVDC grid design. The multi-terminal extension to Shetland is currently under consideration.

Multi-terminal DC links bring greater flexibility to DC transmission. As this is a new technology there is a requirement to build operational and technical knowledge to reduce risks associated with their deployment. The National HVDC Centre hosts the replicas for the Caithness and Moray converter stations, but also the Shetland converter station (even though it has yet to be built).