Current Projects

The Centre is currently delivering the following:

  • Eastern Link: Providing technical support to the Eastern link project team.
  • HVDC Support: for Electricity System Black-Start and Restoration
  • Multi-Vendor Implications for Shetland: Impact of a developing a multi-vendor multi-terminal system
  • Shetland Fault-Level/Modelling: Modelling the Shetland Network, with the impact of an HVDC connection.
  • SCADA System Implementation: Deploying a replica of the SCADA interface to aid training.
  • Coordination of AC network protection during grid energisation from HVDC schemes (with EPRI)
  • Stability assessment and mitigation of HVDC converter interactions (with the University of Strathclyde)
  • Improving Grid Code Compliance of existing and upcoming HVDC Schemes in GB (with Cardiff University)
  • PROMOTioN (WP9 lead): Demonstration of DC grid protection
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