The National HVDC Centre was formally opened on 26th April 2017.

The original concept of the Centre was developed in 2012 as part of the Caithness-Moray (CM) HVDC link to manage the planned multi-terminal multi-vendor extensions to the


In 2013 it was decided to be taken forward as an innovation project funded through Ofgem’s Network Innovation competition (NIC), and a funding application was submitted.

The NIC application was successful, and the project was taken forward as the MTTE (Multi-Terminal Test Environment) Project.

During 2014 the project focused on securing contractual agreement will all stakeholder, and developing the initial designs.

2015 focused on developing the detailed design of: the building, people, IT, processes, security etc. and also procuring the Real Time Simulator.

2016 focused on the building works, IT installation and recruitment.

And in 2017 the Centre opened and began operating.

The National HVDC Centre is a simulation and training facility available to support all HVDC schemes.