Project Report V : DC Grid with User-defined Converter Models: Validation of Real-Time Model in RTDS against Offline Equivalents in PSCAD/EMTDC Environment

Executive Summary ─Previous studies have developed and validated several user-defined MMC and hybrid models by comparing real-time results with the offline models, considering one converter terminal. These reports have established that the averaged models of the half-bridge,full-bridge, and hybrid MMCs are able to produce practically identical results as the Thevenin Equivalent and Switching function models during normal operation and AC/DC faults. On this basis, Report IV has demonstrated the suitability of the offline user-defined HB-MMC models for DC grid studies. As a follow up to these previous studies, this report demonstrates the suitability of the developed converter models and associated control systems for complex DC grid studies, where the results of offline simulation platform and have been corroborated against that of real-time simulation platform. The benchmarking of the simulation waveforms in the two simulation platforms shows that they produce practically identical results. It further validates the use of different DC voltage control strategies on active power regulation and maintaining DC power balancing, and DC voltage control during both normal and abnormal fault conditions.

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