Project Report IV : Development and Validation of Offline and Real-time User-defined Models of Alternative MMC Configurations

Executive Summary ─This report presents a detailed comparison of various offline and real-time user-defined models of full-bridge (FB) and hybrid modular multilevel converters (MMCs), with regard to the Switching function, Thevenin equivalent, and Averaged models. The user-defined real-time and offline simulation models employed in this report are developed in RTDS/RSCAD and PSCAD/EMTDC underpinned by theoretical basis described in the previous report . Synthesis of different models of FB and hybrid MMCs is explained. For the purpose of validation, these models are compared extensively using identical parameters and controllers, and tested under a range of identical operating conditions, including AC and DC network faults. From detailed corroboration presented in this report, it has shown that the real-time averaged and switching function models of the full-bridge and hybrid modular multilevel converters produce near identical results as the respective offline switching function, Thevenin equivalent and averaged models of the FB and hybrid MMC. The study also highlights the enhanced control and operation of the FB and hybrid MMCs when compared to half-bridge MMC during DC faults. The developed models are well suited for further studies to fully explore the potential impact on system operation for FB and hybrid MMCs based HVDC systems.

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