Project Report III : Offline DC grid model development

Executive Summary ─To ensure supply reliability and economy of the power generated from various renewable sources multi-terminal DC grid is becoming one of the emerging solutions of future electricity network configuration. This report focuses on the DC grid configuration considering different control management effect on power flow of the grid. Moreover, this report provides a critical assessment of different control management, with emphasis on the capability and suitability of each method for a wide range of system studies such as AC side faults and network steady-state behaviour. A three-terminal half-bridge MMC based DC grid is developed in PSCAD platform for comprehensive studies and acting as the benchmark for the ongoing development and validation of real-time DC grid model in RSCAD platform. Simulations presented in this report reveal that grid management in terms of control assignment to its relevant converter station is the key factor. With proper control configuration of the grid, it enables normal steady-state operation as well as to continue transmitting limited power during any event of AC side fault.

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