Project Report II : Validation of Real-time User-defined MMC Models

Executive Summary ─This report presents a one-to-one validation of a number of real-time half-bridge modular multilevel converter (HB-MMC) models, namely, the switching function and averaged against offline switching function HB-MMC model. The user-defined real-time and offline simulation models employed in this report, in RTDS/RSCAD and PSCAD/EMTDC underpinned by theoretical basis described in the previous report on fundamentals and synthesis of different models of a modular multilevel voltage source converter and use identical parameters and controllers, and with both sets are extensively tested under a range of identical operating conditions and ac and DC network faults. From detailed corroboration presented in this report, it has been shown that the real-time averaged and switching function HB-MMC models produce near identical results as the offline switching function HB-MMC (extensively validated against other equivalent offline models in the previous report1). Despite the minor differences and limitations of the RTDS platform, the margins of the errors between the results of the real-time and offline simulation are negligible (less than 1%) during steady-state, symmetrical and asymmetrical AC faults, and DC faults.

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