Centre Staff

Simon Marshall

S Marshall

Simon has taken this project from its inception through to the delivery of a world-class HVDC centre.

He managed the delivery of the Multi-terminal Test Environment (MTTE) project to create The National HVDC Centre. Having previously overseen Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks’ NIA innovation portfolio, Simon developed the NIC bid for the MTTE project and, following the success of the bid, is now the HVDC Centre Manager.

Yash Audichya


Yash’s main areas of interest are: HVDC Grids, Power Oscillation Damping, Sub-synchronous torsional interaction, and interactions between HVDC & FACTS devices.

Yash is the Head of HVDC Technology for The National HVDC Centre. He was previously the HVDC Planning and Design Manager for Scottish Hydro Electric Transmission. Prior to joining SSE, Yash was a Principal Consultant for Petrofac and System Design and Engineering Manager for ABB HVDC Global Services.

Colin Cameron


Colin was responsible for the delivery of IT infrastructure of The National HVDC Centre and is now the Centre ICT Engineer. Prior to working on The National HVDC Centre, Colin worked for SSE IT for 5 years where he had responsibility looking after SSE’s Renewables Centre of Excellence in Glasgow.

Colin enjoyed the technical challenge of designing the IT architecture of The National HVDC Centre ensuring that it can meet the current and future requirements of the Centre.

Ian Cowan


Ian has long had an interest in Transmission systems and is excited to be at the forefront of one of the latest developments in that field.

Ian has a MEng in Electronic and Electrical Engineering (with a focus on power systems). He has joined the National HVDC Centre as a Simulation Engineer from Mott MacDonald where he worked in the Power Systems Analysis team carrying out a variety of offline simulations on multiple platforms.

Patrick McNabb


Patrick has long had an interest in AC/DC conversion and is passionate about working on solutions to enable the widespread adoption of HVDC and FACTS technology.

He has a PhD in Electrical Engineering (with focus on generator electromechanical dynamics), and a MEng in Electronics and Electrical Engineering. Patrick has worked in both academia and industry and joined the National HVDC Centre as a Simulation Engineer from GE Energy where he worked in the design and development Wide Are Monitoring Systems (WAMS) to study transmission system dynamics and control.

Tarun Sharma


Tarun has a keen interest in studying, identifying potential issues and generating optimized solutions in AC-DC system interactions, grid security and renewables integration to the grid.

Tarun has a BEng in Electrical Engineering with Post Graduate Diploma in Operation & Maintenance of Transmission & Distribution Systems . Tarun has joined the National HVDC Centre as a Simulation Engineer from Siemens, where he worked in the Power system protection studies and Real time simulation studies of the SVC & HVDC Classic projects.