Spittal Photo

Scottish Hydro Electric Transmission awarded a contract to ABB for the Caithness Moray Shetland HVDC Link in August 2014. This provides a 320kV HVDC link between Spittal in Caithness and Blackhillock in Moray as well as the design of a multi terminal system allowing for additional connections in the future, including a  potential Shetland connection. Following an extensive period of design and manufacture ABB commenced installation of the 800MW HVDC cable in Caithness in October 2015 and have installed 75% of the cable in this section. Mobilisation to both Spittal (800MW) and Blackhillock (1200MW) Converter Station sites commenced in March 2016 with foundation works currently underway and the 1200MW land cable installation in Moray started in May 2016 with 10% of the cable installed to date. The system engineering design,  procurement and manufacture of the Converter Main Circuit Equipment is ongoing along with the manufacture of the subsea cable. The sub sea cable is due for installation in 2017 with the project being completed in 2018.


Attached photo shows the Spittal 275kV/132kV AC Substation in the foreground under construction, the 800MW HVDC Converter  site area (with green cabins) in the background and the HVDC cable drums in the site compound to the right hand side.